Counselling Fees for Individuals

How much does it cost?

Evolve is a charity which is funded by providing services to business and by contributions from the general public.  Counselling sessions with fully qualified professionals in this area would typically cost upwards of £50 per session, but we only ask you to pay what you can afford.

Below is a guide to the minimum payments according to your personal income, but if you feel you have benefitted from the help and are able to pay more, so that we can help others in need, please discuss this with your counsellor or after your sessions have finished. DONATE HERE.

Evolve asks you to contribute to your counselling sessions as follows:

<£10K per annum £5 per session
£10K - £10,999 per annum £10 per session
£11k - £11,999 per annum £11 per session
e.g. annual income = £15,500 £15.00 per session
or annual income = £23K £23 per session
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