How can Evolve benefit your business?

Evolve is a charitable organisation providing counselling support to those in the local community who need help but cannot afford to pay market rates or wait for a GP referral (often up to 12 weeks in this area).

It is funded primarily by providing general counselling and related support services to organisations, benefitting not only the individuals themselves, but also those employers who understand that a healthier workforce results in a healthier business.

Because we are a charity, working with Evolve also helps to fulfil your corporate social responsibiilty.

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General Counselling Services for Organisations

Value for money:

Competitive rates (£50 per session) with all profits going directly back into our charitable work
All agreements work on a pay as you use basis, so if you don't use our services, you don't pay anything
A valuable additional employee benefit with no minimum payments or retention fees
Dedicated account management and tailored service where appropriate
Independent charity dedicated to the care of individuals rather than profits and is not answerable to shareholders

Quality of service:

We have nearly 40 counselling members spread across the region, all of whom are fully supervised, qualified and experienced, and undergo regular CPD and DBS checks
We operate to strict standards and codes of practice, and are organisational members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
All counselling sessions are completely confidential, but we ask clients referred by organisations to complete an anonymous questionnaire after their therapy is complete, the consolidated results of which are provided to referring organisations. In our most recent feedback survey, over 94% of respondents were satisfied with the care they received from Evolve.

A confidential support service to your leadership and management team and other employees with personal and work related problems such as:

general work related stress
stress resulting from organisational change, performance management or absence review
readjustment after long-term absence
general anxiety and depression
self-esteem problems and low level self-destructive behaviours
physical, sexual or emotional abuse
relationship problems

Evolve’s organisational clients include local businesses, local government, NHS, not for profit and charitable organisations and social enterprises.

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