UK Care Guide

UK Care Guide

UK Care Guide is a website that is designed to support a wide range of care needs.  Recognising that care support can often involve checking a number of different sites, the UK Care Guide was designed to bring all aspects togethers.

The website has a lot of information about the different types of care available, including assisted livinglive-in caredomiciliary care, and residential care.  It also has a directory that you can use to find care agencies or a care home.

UK Care Guide also has support to help those who are looking for support in paying for care.  This includes calculators to help you work out home care costscare home costs and also information about whether it is possible to avoid care home fees.  It also has information on different ways you can fund your care, including the use of a care annuity, deferred payment scheme, or equity release to pay for care.  Alongside this, you can also find information on a range of cost related topics, power of attourney costs, and whether you may be entitled to CHC funding from the NHS.

The website also has useful information and guideance on a range of care related issues.  This includes explanations of various types of dementia; vascular dementia, lewy body dementia, and frontotemporal dementia.

For those looking for a career in a care related role, there are a number of useful guides explaining what the different roles involve.  This includes care home jobs, nursing, home jobs, support worker jobs, home care jobs and care assistant jobs.  A career in care can be rewarding and there are a number of different roles that can be fulfilled.  Hopefully some of these guides will help you to decide which roles are best for you.

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If you are struggling with the personal conflict surrounding the care arrangements for a loved one, counselling may help you.

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